Alexis Ren Just Won Instagram, Tom Brady Concussion Drama & Derek Carr’s Wife Plays Wiffle Ball


Cavs-Celtics, anyone? The good news is that this one is on TNT at 8:30. At least it’ll be a fun broadcast. You’ll also get Penguins-Senators on NBCSN. I’m also thinking about checking out Rays-Indians at 12:30. It’s going to be like 90 degrees in Cleveland today and that means there’s a high likelihood of content coming out of that game.

Alexis Ren with the Photo of the Week

How 5 Playmates told their kids about working for Playboy

Oh god, a Tom Brady concussion dilemma 

Derek Carr’s wife plays Wiffle Ball in the house

Magic Johnson shades the Celtics after Lottery

This hot Iowa TV Reporter Woman could be going to jail

Florida Man’s huge hog penis choking murder case rolls on

Here’s Dannica from San Diego State U.

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Sandwich of the Day

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