Abby Wambach’s Wife, Wizards-Celtics Fan Fight & Kate Beckinsale’s Daughter Will Be A Star

The Spurs and Warriors play Game 2 tonight at 9 on ESPN. Meanwhile, the Cavs are still sitting by the pool — yes, it’s warm enough today in Ohio to sit next to the pool — and enjoying another day of rest before sweeping the Celtics. Game 1 of that series is Wednesday. You’ll also get Ducks-Preds tonight at 8 on NBCSN. That series is tied 1-1. I’m sure there are also some baseball games to fake care about.

Kate Beckinsale’s 18 year old daughter is going to be a superstar

Wizards-Celtics Game 7 fan fight…and…it’s a good one

Abby Wambach got married to this blogger

Predators anthem singer is PISSED

Swiss league bicycle kick OWN GOAL!

Man shot & killed on live TV…yep, it happened in L.A.

This Florida Woman says she bought the meth in her bra at a yard sale

Here’s Carly from U. of Arizona

Kyrie Pregame Routine Video of the Day

Kyrie Irving’s (@KyrieIrving) Pre-Game Workouts Be Like..😂
w/ @FlashHayer

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