Ice Ice Terry Bradshaw, Marlins Man’s Mermaids Are BACK & A Little Soccer Nose Candy

The World Series Of Poker could have a huge summer if…

…it finds a hero to carry the 40 hours of live programming ESPN will be showing in July when the Main Event kicks off July 8 and ends with a final table starting on July 20. ESPN finally realized that saving the main event for November wasn’t getting the job done. People are bored in July and they’ll sit on the couch and watch this stuff when it’s 102 outside and they’re worn out by the heat. The problem is obvious with poker like it is with NASCAR. Too many young guys that are interchangeable and not enough characters. Like poker needs another white bro wearing sunglasses who normally dominates online and drinks $20 IPAs. Give me some redneck shit-kicker wearing a cowboy hat who can run his mouth with the best of the best. Instant TV gold.

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