Sara Underwood Rips It Off In Middle Of Nowhere, Jesus Walking Around Ohio & Aikman Working Out


Why I hate Mother’s Day on Instagram

Because my timeline is clogged up with pics of IG models and their moms. WHO CARES! Get this garbage off my timeline. I want pics of you at the beach, pics of you eating a carrot — like the only meal you’ll have all month. I want posed kitchen pics where you act like you can cook. I want posed beach photos where it makes you look like you actually go into the ocean, but we all know you won’t go in because it’ll mess up your hair and you have like 500 more pics to take that day. I want more pics of you in the Caribbean swimming — up to your knees — with the swimming pigs that IG models are required to visit before getting called up to the big leagues.

Why does today’s screencaps suck? Because of Mother’s Day. Hopefully things are back to normal tomorrow morning.

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