New York Stripper Retires Her Jeter Jersey In Honor Of Jeter's Jersey Retirement

There’s strip club marketing in New York City and then there’s this strip club marketing sent in this morning by the Vivid Cabaret media operations department. It’s rare for me to be speechless over an email these days because 99.9% of them are boring, “Hey, we thought you’d love to promote this for us because you’re our friend and it would be really cool to see this posted on Busted Coverage,” bits that are sent out to 5,000 sites with the hope that 30 of them will give the PR company a post, which will then be shown to the client as free media.
That’s not how Vivid Cabaret works. They actually bring a story that is CONTENT. Packaged and ready to consume CONTENT. Are you in college right now learning the marketing trade? Pay close attention to how this is done and not how your professor is teaching it.
From the Vivid Cabaret media team:

“I used to wear a Derek Jeter Yankee jersey when I danced on the pole and then stripped out of it,” explained Vivid Cabaret New York girl Justine. “It was a sort of tribute to him. But since his number is now officially retired, I will pick a new player’s outfit to wear and take off,” she purred.
“I haven’t decided whose number it will be, but it will definitely be a Yankee,” she promised. “Maybe Aaron Judge, but his number is 99—that belongs on a football defensive lineman, not a baseball player!”
Vivid Cabaret New York is the three-story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan famous for having the city’s tallest stripper pole, and the first of its kind “VIP Ultra Lounge.” It features over 100 beautiful entertainers daily, and is also known for its celebrity clientele—most notably pro athletes from all the major sports.
Vivid Cabaret NYC has four stages, a Roof Top Garden and Cigar Lounge, and a wide range of VIP amenities. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four blocks away at 50 West 33rd Street.

Absolutely genius. The timing is perfect. Justine is hot. Jeter is trending on social.
By the way, I need to get to Vivid Cabaret. It’s been too long since I’ve been to NY for multiple nights where I can actually work in a Cabaret trip. I’m kinda waiting until they get that garbage at LaGuardia fixed just a bit before going back. That means it’ll probably be 10 years.
And by then Aaron Judge will have a couple of titles and all the strippers in town will be wearing his jersey.

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Meet Alyssa From Northeastern
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