I Think McKayla Maroney Is Trying To Tell Us Something


McKayla Maroney announced over the weekend that the ass video posted to her IG was not the work of some Russian hacker or some disgruntled old boyfriend who had her IG password. She uploaded the ass video and added, “unfollow if u need to. all love.”

Guys, it took me maybe 2 minutes to see what’s going on with her IG account. This is clearly a chick who has hit 21, doesn’t want to be framed as the gymnastics girl and wants some recognition for having an incredible ass.

All those moms out there who followed her because she’s an Olympic hero just need to face the facts that McKayla’s all grown up. This is your final notice.

This has to be one of the most impressive post-Olympics transformations I’ve ever seen. Normally the ladies go with the suburban mom route so the sponsors keep pumping their accounts with cash. McKayla’s clearly not playing that game.

Game over.

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