16 NSFWBDs React To Antonio Cromartie Bypassing His Vasectomy – Again

You probably saw the news today and just shook your head — Antonio Cromartie, now 33 and unemployed from the NFL, has his 14th kid on the way and this is, I believe, the third after having a vasectomy. It’s been noted before on social media, and I’m starting to believe it to be more of a reality than a joke, that Cro has Super Sperm. Has to. That’s the only explanation here or his doctor should be sued for malpractice.
Here’s where things get strange: the NSFWBDs don’t have that much reaction to this news. It’s almost like they’re worn out by Cro and his baby drama. Or maybe they don’t want to crack jokes because it’s a sensitive subject in their lives. I don’t know.
Something is definitely strange here.
Cromartie was released in October after four games with the Colts. He’s a free agent.

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