Eric Thames Has a Thing For Broken Bats

It goes without saying, but the best part about the MLB season has been KBO legend Eric Thames slapping dongs (and triggering the Cubs) like he’s the second coming of Barry Bonds. The guy is so legit that the Brewers had no choice but to start playing his Korean anthem at Miller Park:

Thames’ secret to crushing MLB pitching after a four-year hiatus? Korean pitchers tossing him a heavy dose of breaking balls (via USA Today):

“I had to really bear down in the strike zone and learn how to have plate discipline,” Thames says. “I would have to carry that here because they throw harder and the strike zone is bigger.”

Also aiding Thames’ assault on baseballs: the smell of broken lumber. Seriously, here he is getting a nice sniff during today’s game against the Mets:

Thames did the same thing last week against the Pirates so this obviously a thing:

[H/t to Reddit]

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