Byron Buxton Sacrifices His Body for Meaningless Catch

Twins outfielder Byron Buxton may be a disaster at the plate, but if there’s one thing he can do it’s track down fly balls in the outfield. Simply put the guy covers ground like goddamn gazelle out there, and he flashed the leather again today as he robbed Carlos Santana of extra bases with this brilliant catch:

Carlos Santana just got robbed of extra bases. One hell of a catch by Byron Buxton.

— Josh Poloha (@JorshP) May 14, 2017

No doubt a great grab by Buxton there, but if I’m a Twins fan I’m annoyed that my uber prospect is sacrificing his body in a lost 2-8 game. You might remember that Buxton had headache issues earlier this month after crashing into the wall against the Red Sox, so yeah, he might want to dial it down just a bit.

Byron Buxton completing your everyday, typical F8.

— Kyle Boddy (@drivelinebases) May 14, 2017