Royals Fan Goes After Home Run Ball In The Kauffman Stadium Fountains


I gotta hand it baseball fans for keeping it interesting this week. Normally in May we’re not exactly cranking out the baseball blogs because honestly, there’s never anything going on this time of year. But then you had Marlins Man and his mermaids the other night and now this idiot from last night taking a dip in KC.

Brandon Moss blasted a home run out into those Kauffman Stadium fountains and this hero made it his mission to get that baseball.

Splish splash. #RaisedRoyal

— Kansas City Royals (@Royals) May 13, 2017

Someone needs to get this guy and Fountain Lady together and organize a makeshift weddin' in the dugout suites. #Royals

— Danny Lawhon (@DannyLawhon) May 13, 2017

I’m not sure┬áthe resale value on a Brandon Moss ball is going to be worth taking a swim, but I respect the hustle anyways.

Fan went for a swim in KC

— Busted College (@BustedCollege) May 13, 2017

Then security tossed him and ruined all the fun

Fountain Dude perp walk #royals

— Shellie (@shelliebe7) May 13, 2017

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