The Mets Are Considering Promoting Tim Tebow To Double-A

Big news out of Columbia South Carolina and FireFlies HQ this morning, as it looks like the Mets want to promote Tim Tebow to Double-A. It seems surprising at first, but the last two weeks he’s actually been kind of crushing it.

He’s still sitting on those two home runs he hit that first week of the season, but it looks like he’s playing well enough in other ways than power.


The report comes out of the NY Post:

Tim Tebow’s recent surge at Single-A Columbia — he has a .849 OPS over his last 16 games — hasn’t gone unnoticed by team officials.

According to a club source, there has been discussion about moving the former Heisman Trophy winner to a higher level within the minors, but such a jump likely won’t occur until after the All-Star Game in midseason.

I want to see it happen. The best pitching in the minors is at Double-A, so it’ll show what Timmy is made of. Either he can handle his business or he’ll get eaten alive. Both scenarios equal great content for us and sells tickets for the Mets.

Is this stat line worthy of a promotion?

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