Bama Fan Weed Dealer Gets Into Foot Chase With Sheriff Through Pot Grow Field, Was Out On Bail For Weed Operation

Bama fan Randy Neil Moore seems like a hippie weed dealer who’s just minding his business, growing some weed to sell to a few stoners around town who like to get high after a hard day of work. And then the Etowah County sheriff’s office has to come and bother him with a foot chase around his house and through his pot plants…

…when he’s already out on bail for a weed operation bust.

I know, Randy should know better, but a hippie like Randy seems to be the kinda guy who wants to smoke a couple Js, stay out of the public eye and not cause too many problems. Now he’s in big trouble after what went down Wednesday.

The deputy found Moore walking in the 3000 block of Brown Avenue in Altoona. When the deputy tried to speak with Moore, he took off running. Ignoring verbal commands to stop, the foot chase went around Moore’s home and ended near the roadway.

Authorities said Hammett had to retrace his steps to retrieve his duty equipment dropped during the chase. While doing so, Hammett spotted multiple marijuana plants outside of the home, Barton said. Drug Task Force Agent Jeremy Lassetter responded to the scene, where about 200 marijuana plants were found both inside and outside of the home.

Moore is charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and attempting to elude. He is in the Etowah County Detention Center on bonds totaling $26,500.

Look, let’s all sit back and relax for a minute. Could we please just worry about the dirty Mexican bastards who are ravaging out cities with meth, heroin and fentanyl that’s turning people into worthless zombies? Randy’s just out here working with a plant and probably making pot candy so people can get high at dinner functions.

Enough is enough. Randy better be out in time for Florida State on September 2.

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