Marlins Man’s Mermaids, Lindsey Pelas At Firehouse & Zeke Eating At Golf Course


You’ll be seeing more of Marlins Man’s Mermaids today from BC

Marlins Man sent us a tweet last night saying how he’sĀ “trying to bring sexy back to MLB 1 game at a time.” This is exactly what I’ve been preaching for years. Those of you who’ve been around for the long haul know I’ve been on the put hot chicks behind home plate bandwagon forever. And now Marlins Man is out there making it happen. The guy is a genius and gets it. Gets that guys just want to be guys again after years of being told they’re not allowed to be guys. After years of being told you’re a scumbag if you look at hot women and think they’re hot.

It’s nice to see Marlins Man is helping us guys who just want to feel alive again while watching a baseball game. The sport can’t hold my interest for more than 10 minutes.

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