Alabama Fan Wanted For Whipping Out His Junk For Convenience Store Lady – UPDATE!

Update: 19-year-old Corey Walker of Athens, AL has turned himself in to authorities.
5:38 p.m. on a Saturday. Earth Day to be exact. It was also the day of the Alabama Spring Game. And it was in Limestone County, which hugs Tennessee and sits in the middle of northern Alabama where I-65 rolls through. The sheriff’s office is hunting for a Bama fan (check the shirt — it’s VINTAGE!) who whipped out his dong — on camera — and showed it off to a convenience store lady.

From our good Bama TV reporter friend Nick Lough:

A closer look at those photos reveals that the shirt Wild Bill McHoggin’s wearing is none other than a shirt sold by Fanatics. That’s the Nike Alabama Crimson Tide College Vault Helmet — just $29.99 and priceless on a convenience store security camera because now it’s going to turn into pageviews and he’s going to go viral in that shirt. SEC message boards will be all over this. Nowhere to run now, McHoggin.


There it is! Vintage Bama!!

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