Cardale Jones Honors His “Play School” Tweet At His Ohio State Graduation

Before Cardale Jones famously won a Big Ten title, a playoff game, and a National Championship as a 3rd string QB, he had probably the most legendary tweet a college athlete has even put on the internet. It was way back in 2012, two years before he dominated those three straight games, where he complained about being a college athlete and going to class.

It was quite possibly the most perfectly crafted tweet I’ve ever seen and 5 years after, it still lives on as one of the GOATs.

“We ain’t come to play school.” I don’t think you could find me a better quote from a college athlete. It’s just perfect and hilarious in every way.

Now we’re in 2017. Cardale is heading into his 3rd season on the Bills and this weekend he finally played some school. He graduated from Ohio State and what a way to honor his academic legacy in Columbus by doing this:

Congrats on playing school, Cardale. Now you can finally dedicate you’re focus to playing FOOTBALL, and only FOOTBALL.

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