Tennessee Wide Receiver Josh Smith Arrested For Domestic Assault

Knox Conty Sheriffs Office
Tennessee wideout Josh Smith got himself into a little trouble during a night of drinking last night and was arrested on charges of domestic assault. Before you start making assumptions, the domestic assault was for hitting his roommate and not his uber-hot girlfriend Breana Dodd, who we’ve posted about before.
Knoxville News Sentinel has the details:

According to the report, an officer was called to the hospital in reference to an assault that had occurred previously and found Smith and his roommate Kennedy Foster together in an emergency room.
According to the report, Smith and Foster had been drinking at their residence in West Knoxville when Foster went into his bedroom and locked the door during a coughing fit. Foster stated that Smith then kicked in his door to check on him before beginning to push and hit him, according to the report.
Foster’s face was severely injured, according to the report, and he experienced difficulty recalling what had happened. In the report, Smith stated that he and Foster had started drinking around 10 p.m. Friday and admitted to kicking down the door out of concern for Foster’s well-being. Smith claimed in the report that he was then tackled by Foster and a fight between the two began. According to the report, Smith claims to have left the room afterward.
Smith states in the report that he did not injure Foster’s face during the altercation in the bedroom, but that he intervened when Foster began an altercation with a third roommate, Malcolm Stokes. Smith stated that he kicked Foster in the face twice while Foster lay on the ground.
According to the report, Smith was arrested as the primary aggressor in the fight and said, “It’s all my fault,” as he was taken into custody.

Seems like a classic roommate fight that got just a little out of hand. Things got bloody, they go to the hospital, a cop gets called and now somebody’s in jail. They’ll probably make up at some point and laugh about it in the future. Or maybe this friendship is officially over.
Also, this is NOT how you win the game of life.

I wonder what our girl Breana has to say about all of this


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