Buy This Cincinnati Bengals Tailgate RV — $2,000

via Craigslist

So you’re a disgruntled Bengals fan who can’t believe that Marvin Lewis and knucklehead players like Adam Jones are still on the team. Makes sense — most assumed Pacman would get the axe after he told a damn cop to “suck his d—k” a couple months ago.

via Craigslist

However! You can’t help but feel a little excited about the upcoming season after the drafting of offensive studs John Ross and Joe Mixon. The offense is going to be so good that you have no choice but to drop $2,000 on the Bengals tailgate RV above.

Details from the Craigslist ad:

I have a bengals rv for sale that runs and drives great. We dont use it any more for tailgating and now it just gets started up from time to time..needs a new battery. It’s a 1977 Chevy with a 400 sbc 400 turbo trans. 4.10 rear gears. Newer calipers, rotors, pads, and wheel bearings/seals..Newer front tires as well. It has an a/ c unit on the roof. Needs some work..has a couple water leakes on the’s a little rough around the edges but it’s a neat old rv with a solid driveline…1800 obo


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