My Guy Ned Is Trying To Get In Shape For His Wedding So I Sent Him To Mich Ultra Yoga In NYC

BC is everywhere: Toledo, Daytona, even New York City. So when we got the invite from Michelob Ultra to practice yoga on an amazing rooftop, you know we had to break out the BC tee to attend. There are few things better than spending an evening on a roof stretching for an hour, then unraveling all that work by drinking multiple 95 calorie beers.
Those of you who watched the Super Bowl (or just television in general) might know that Michelob Ultra is targeting the active community. So rather than just talk the talk, Michelob Ultra has started hosting a series of #LiveULTRA events around the country. Last Thursday, we had the choice of joining a plyometrics session, or yoga. Since our knees seem to have called it quits on us, we opted for the yoga, taught by Melissa Genove (@melliecay). For better or worse, we were one of only a couple of guys doing it.
That being said, some people were rocking some pretty awesome workout gear–like this Bad & Boujee jacket:

Truthfully it was a little chilly, but going for the yoga on the rooftop was definitely the right choice. There’s something to be said for hanging out on rooftops in NYC. Sure–you can still hear all the sirens, dogs, and homeless people yelling at each other, but the noise is just a little more distant.
Check out this panoramic photo of the Spring Studios rooftop. No, that’s not real grass:

A special thanks to Michelob Ultra for bringing us along to the #LiveULTRA event. Truthfully I had my first Michelob Ultra of the past five years last night, and it was great. Even better is that it contains the lowest amount of calories of a light beer, so if you’re trying to get your body right for the summer, that’s a good thing to remember.


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