Look What Meth Did To This Oklahoma Elementary Teacher Who Stole Field Trip Money For Drugs

Hey look, another face ravaged by meth and heroin. And this time we have an Oklahoma elementary teacher who is accused of pawning school property to fuel her drug habit. It gets better — or worse if you’re the kids she was teaching — Megan Sloan is accused of stealing $125 of field trip money.
Here’s my big question in all of this: Was she teaching with that meth face? If so, who in their right mind would leave their kid with Meth Face? I’d probably start asking questions. I mean that’s not the normal Hey, you’re 27, zits happen,┬ákinda face.
From ABC-6:

Megan Sloan, a 27-year-old teacher at Holmes Park Elementary, was arrested May 1 after admitting to bringing drugs and drug paraphernalia to the school, according to court documents. Police say she also admitted to using “field trip money” to purchase gas and drugs for herself.
A teacher reported Sloan after she left her Facebook account open on the other teacher’s computer, according to police. The teacher reportedly saw a conversation in which Sloan talked about using and selling heroin and pawning school property.

Listen you idiots, don’t touch this shit. Want a buzz? Go jump out of a plane.

Posted less than a year ago:

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