Joy Corrigan Vs. A Beach, Lima-Harvey-Edelman Drama & Florida Kicker Hits 81 Yarder


If you don't celebrate your 21st birthday for at least a week you are doing it wrong

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You know the drill: NBA, NHL, MLB. I’ll be staying up as long as possible to see the Ducks-Oilers game because Edmonton fans are fun and something odd will come out of that one. The puck drops at 10, which means I’ll be up until 12:30 or so. Of course the Cavs play. It’ll be closer than Game 1 because it’s the NBA, but you know how this series is going to end up.

Swimsuit model Joy Corrigan destroys…and when I say destroys, I mean destroys… a beach

Adriana Lima f’ing around on Matt Harvey with Edelman, it appears

How the Cubs World Series trophy was damaged

ARod & Jeets do CNBC interview…annnnnddddd it’s awkward

Florida kicker hits 81 yard field goal…with the wind

Chuck Todd with his arms full

This Florida Man stabbed a coworker for calling his girlfriend a hooker

Here’s Tori from Arizona State

Ric Flair Inspirational Quote of the Day

Smothered Fries of the Day

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