Zach Parise Stops By To Talk Chocolate Milk & Analyzes Sidney Crosby Getting Lit Up By The Capitals


You know the rules, no before interview banter. We get right into it because you guys don’t have time to waste listening to us yap. 

Yes, I butchered Zach Parise’s name at the end of the interview.

Now that’s out of the way, Parise stopped by today for the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign and the timing couldn’t have been better because I had questions about what went down last night in Pittsburgh where Sidney Crosby was pretty much destroyed by the Capitals on a couple vicious hits over the span of like one second.

Parise, a 12-year vet (19 G, 23 Ast in 2017), seemed to be the perfect guy to walk us through what happened, how it feels to get rocked like this and how the body responds to the torture it takes as the playoff games start to add up.

Something else addressed in this interview is how Parise doesn’t do public social media. No Twitter, no Facebook and only a private IG account and the only way into that world is for him to add you. It’s great to hear from a guy who has the social media lifestyle I want…and need.

The Crosby hit:

Parise Built With Chocolate Milk:

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