J. Lo Looking Hot For ARod, Ja Rule’s Festival Disaster & Letterman’s Playoff Beard


More NFL Draft. More NFL Draft. More NFL Draft. DOOOOOO IT. Get to the bar, get locked & loaded, get the shots lined up, talk football, be human. You’ll get a bunch of NBA action, too. NHL. I’m worn out. I’ll go to the ECHL game tonight here in town, have a couple brews and call it a night. Big flower sale in the morning. I have to be on top of my game.

Arod’s girlfriend dumps ’em out

Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival looks like shiit

Hot chick janitor is in trouble for sex with teen

Letterman’s out of control playoff beard

LaVar Ball’s screwing his son

This TV bro is having a pretty rough day

Florida Man has the perfect reason for stealing a forklift

Meet Noelle from Ole Miss

One of the Best Days In NFL Draft History Video of the Century

Lobster Mac of the Day

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