LaVar Ball Responds To Nike Exec That Called Him The Worst Thing To Happen To Basketball

Our favorite helicopter dad LaVar Ball isn’t going away anytime soon. You’d think maybe these next few months before the draft he’d tone it down a bit, but that’s just not how Big Baller Ball operates. He creates controversy and headlines out of thin air. It’s really amazing.

Here’s a little refresher on what’s been happening with LaVar this week. On Thursday, a Nike executive called him the worst thing to happen to basketball in 100 years. 100!

Wow, veteran Nike exec George Raveling on LaVar Ball: “The worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years.” #sbjwcs

— Michael Smith (@SmittySBJSBD) April 20, 2017

Maybe a tad over the top seeing as there was a major cocaine problem in the 70’s & 80’s that literally killed players, but that’s a different story. So LaVar hears this and started an Instagram account yesterday to respond to those comments and grill some chicken.

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We coming #BBB

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And in classic LaVar fashion, he flipped the story into even more promotion for his family and Big Baller Brand, which by the way, will not be Nike’s competition ever in a billion years.

Also, LaVar’s IG account is going to be a must-follow. Can’t wait to see what he has in store.

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Triple B's!! The Big Baller is back!!

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Let me just throw this in here because it’s my favorite gif of the last 6 months