Of Course NFL Drug Testing Begins on 4/20


Considering that two of the top hashtags today are 4/20 related, I’m assuming everyone on Twitter is blazed out of their mind. But unfortunately for NFL players, partaking in herbal fun is a bit of a tricky endeavor as the No Fun League ruins the holiday by opening their drug testing window today:

More details from Pro Football Talk:

Coincidental or not, April 20 also is the day on which the window opens for the annual substance-abuse testing program. Any players who would like to smoke and/or ingest substances that (for now) can be legally smoked and/or ingested in various American states must now wait until they are tested. That can happen as late as August.

You laugh, but the NFL is no joke when it comes to “random” drug testing. Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, who was arrested for pot possession a couple years ago, was hit with the 4/20 test last year — he was not amused:

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