Young Couple Breaks In New Braves Ballpark
Love wasn’t only in the air last night in Atlanta where this young couple busted the SunTrust Park cherry (unless there’s another couple out there we don’t know about), it was also in the air down at the Sarasota Open where a woman’s moaning interrupted a tennis match.
Slow clap for you, America. Everyone seems to be getting it in even on a weeknight. You’d think it was the middle of June. You’d think that college was out and everyone’s just getting drunk, coked up and going nuts during summer break. Sex, sex, sex! It seems to be everywhere this week.
Yes, I completely understand that wasn’t sex going on in Atlanta, but it had to end up going that direction. I mean come on, look at that offensive she’s putting on. At least take her to one of those nice new restrooms and bust out the tip. Do some work.

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