Meet Monica Gonzales — Wife Of Cardinals Pitcher Marco Gonzales


I received this message today via the DMs from a Cardinals fan:

Suggestion for “Meet” Monica Gonzalez (Zender) wife of stl cards pitcher Marco Gonzalez. She is smoking. Check his/her Instagram

Turns out I wasn’t familiar with Marco Gonzales because he missed all of 2016 with Tommy John surgery and is still rehabbing. In fact, Marco has only pitched 2 2/3 innings for the Cardinals since 2015. But that’s not going to stop me from posting Monica because she’s a yoga instructor and health nut.

And she has a fun IG account, unlike many of the baseball wives and girlfriends we come across. Most of the wives go librarian on IG once their guy makes it to the Show. No more bikini pics. No more bar night pics. No more bikini kayak pics. No more partying in Vegas pics.

Not Monica.

Now we just need Marco to get the arm strengthened and back on the mound at Busch.

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