That Was Penthouse Pet Charlotte Stokely Behind The Clippers Bench Last Night

‘Tis the season, boys. The playoffs get rolling and suddenly the porn chicks go into playoff mode. Take last night at the Jazz-Clippers game. We had Penthouse Pet and AVN nominee Charlotte Stokely (@char_stokely), a Salt Lake native (I know, it appears she’s turned her back on the Jazz), parked right behind the Clippers bench with her friend, a Skinemax superstar, Michelle Maylene (@michellemaylene).
You guys know the drill: I start paying attention to the NBA and you get posts like this from Stokley. This is the stuff BC tracks. Other sites avoid these kind of posts until Uncle BC breaks the ice and then they suddenly think it’s a good idea to get in on the pageview explosion.
Anyway, it wouldn’t shock me to see Jesse Jane at the Rockets-Thunder series when it moves to OKC Friday night. I’ll check with Jesse to see where she’ll be sitting. Stay tuned for that info.
The bad news for Stokely and Maylene is that the Jazz-Clippers series is now headed to Utah for the weekend. The next shot you have of seeing Stokely and Maylene behind the Clippers bench is next Tuesday. That would be Game 5.
Some of Stokely’s greatest hits:
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Some of Maylene’s greatest hits:

The Salad Mixxxer
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Not Airplane XXX: Cockpit Cuties
Virgin Patrol 4

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Jazz Fan Unloads on Clippers: "They Smell Like Weed"
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