Jazz Fan Unloads on Clippers: "They Smell Like Weed"

How tired am I of all the BS (ill-timed technical fouls, fourth quarter collapses, DJ free throws, random injuries, general uninspired play, etc.) the Clippers put me through? So tired that I don’t even hate Jazz fan/rapper ZDOG, who spent his weekend coming up with this awkward anti-Clippers rap:

There’s a lot of talk around the Clippersphere about how Game 1 was some sort of “wake up call.” I can see that — losing to a Joe Johnson, Joe Ingles-led Jazz team when you have top-30 players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DJ? That’s a criminal offense. But if these annoying underachievers needed more motivation to not faceplant for the fifth straight year, then they should watch ZDOG spit fire via his basement.

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