Odell Hangs With Coachella Kid At Coachella


What was Odell up to at Coachella? Not much, just trying to create style and dances. I’d like to know how long Coachella guys take to determine what they’re going to wear to the festival. We already know women will spend months trying to figure out the perfect hippy-ish costume that will look sooooo incredible on IG. But guys seem to now be doing the same thing. Whatever happened to throwing on a pair of shorts, a plain t-shirt (or no shirt at all) and a pair of shoes and going to a concert?
Look at some of the fools in the backgrounds of these photos and videos. Zero chance they can try harder to look good on IG. I mean we have Joe Jonas wearing some snakeskin shirt.
I’ll just be over here enjoying my quiet life in Ohio drinking whiskey with the boys and cutting the grass.





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