Glenn Robinson III Rips On Cleveland Via Snap…He Was Born In Gary, Indiana…Just Sayin'

Glenn Robinson III/Snapchat
Oh, we have fighting words in Cleveland and these come courtesy of Glenn Robinson III’s Snap account. Bulletin board! Have you ever driven through Gary, Indiana on the way to Chicago? On the way across the country? You can’t miss Gary. That’s where Glenn’s from. That’s where his father is from and where Glenn Robinson I is (or was, not sure if he’s even alive) is from.
Then LA Times reporter¬†Gene Wojciechowski¬†wrote about Glenn Robinson III’s grandfather way back in 1994 during Glenn Jr.’s college days:

His name is Glenn A. Robinson Sr., though the Gary police also know him by his street name, “Red Cap.” He was barely old enough to buy a legal drink when he became a father. A handful of years later, he disappeared, leaving Christine Bridgeman to raise a son in a city of 116,000 where unemployment is 13.1% (more than double the U.S. average, almost triple the Indiana average) and the homicide rate per capita is the highest in the nation.
Now he is free, that is, until authorities are able to serve him with another arrest warrant, this one for skipping a hearing at Superior Court of Lake County, Division One, Judge Nicholas Schiralli presiding.
Declared to be indigent by the court, Robinson Sr. was given the benefit of a public defender. Too broke to make his $5,000 bail, he was returned to county lockup, where he awaited a Jan. 27 bond reduction hearing.

Glenn might wanna tone it down with his analysis of a city from his $400/night Ritz-Carlton hotel room. Or not. I’m good with some internet content. Go for it, big man.

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