Pacman Jones Chews Out Reporter For Asking "Stupid Ass Questions"

We have two stories up on Pacman Jones this offseason, and judging from the headlines, they aren’t what you want to see as a Bengals fan — “Pacman Jones to Cop: Suck My D—k… Hope You Die Tomorrow” and “Pacman Jones Took $160,000 in Cash for Spring Break.” Yeah, you’d assume Pacman would be out of Cinci after that offseason circus, but the Bengals decided to keep him on board. (Hell, Mike Brown even publicly supported the guy.)

Reporters were able to question Pacman for the first time since his arrest today at voluntary workouts, and everything went swimmingly… until a reporter pissed him off by asking if he had to prove himself to fans.
Details from The Dayton Daily News:

“Didn’t I just tell you don’t ask me that?” Jones said. “You out the (interview). Turn around. Go back that way. See you. Next question. That’s his last interview for the year.”
The reporter complied, but Jones, who reportedly was taking anger management classes in wake of his arrest, continued to berate the reporter, who had walked away from his locker, while walking to the restroom after ending the interview, yelling at him for asking “stupid ass (expletive) questions.”
Jones continued after returning for the restroom, telling the reporter to “shut the (expletive) up.

So those anger management classes seemed to be a colossal waste of time.

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