Chandler Parsons Was Spotted At The Club With Jen Selter

Chandler Parsons is at it again! What a year it’s been for our boy Chancun. On the court I’ll admit, this season wasn’t that great, but off the court the man is first-team All-NBA. From Bella Thorne to Kate Beckinsale, he’s been through ’em all.
His latest conquest is none other than Ms. Ass herself, Jen Selter. There’s been rumors floating around the internet for the last month or so about these two dating, but there’s been no concrete evidence. Well, now we’ve have some. This comes from a now deleted snap from Jen Selter’s Snapchat account sometime recently. Possibly this weekend.
A true legend this Chandler Parsons is. Nobody has taken advantage of their fame more than him. Our respect is through the roof.

Chandler’s other conquests over the past year

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