Marlins Fan Dives Into The Pool For A Giancarlo Stanton Home Run Ball

Baseball season is really long. Too long if you ask me. I don’t think we need 162 games and 6 months to determine 10 playoff teams. But since the season is so long, we need things to happen to pass the time and keep us engaged. As bloggers we turn to the fans, who always make our jobs easier during the baseball season.
Baseball fans LOVE foul balls and home run balls. It’s a mad dash every time one is hit and a lot of the time ends up in some good content for us. That includes catching a ball in a beer, or maybe snagging it one handed with a baby in the other, or even diving into a pool like this guy.

We’re barely a week into the season and we have people taking dips for balls. Love it. It was Stanton’s 2nd bomb of the game after he hit the first one to the moon, and this dude was making sure he’d get this one.
If you watch closely, you’ll see he did a quick pat down for his phone and wallet before making the leap of faith. Veteran move, if you ask me. This guy has jumped in a few pools fully clothed in his day.
[mlbvideo id=”1278216583″ width=”600″ height=”424″ /]

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Nationals Fan Repeatedly Flips Off Camera
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