Blazers Forward Moe Harkless Ensured A $500k Bonus By Not Shooting Any Threes In His Last Four Games


There’s a lot of debate right now of who should get the NBA’s MVP this season. I say we just give it to Moe Harkless for this move he pulled over the last week of his season.

Like the Tweet says above, according to his contract if Moe shot over 35% for the season, he would pocket a cool $500,000 bonus. So what did he do? Well, once he got over that number, he just completely stopped shooting threes altogether.

Let’s go to the numbers

For four games, no less! My man just said “nah” to what I’m sure was a bunch of wide open shots so he could snag an extra 500k today. It such an amazing move by a guy playing for a team who didn’t even have a playoff spot wrapped up until this past Sunday.

You have to respect the hustle and also respect this IG he dropped last night after locking down that 35.1% from 3.

I guess dinners on me tonight 👌🏾 ahaha

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