21 NSFWBDs React To United Airlines Public Relations Nightmare

You were waiting for this one. I know. You didn’t even have to request it. Why did it take until today to get the NSFWBDs post? Because you have to let some of these stories simmer for a 24 hour period to really let the emotions and all sides of the story to come out. Really let the NSFWBDs get drawn in and then give 110% in their tweets.
You know the story: Asian doctor dude gets yanked off a flight, his head RKO’s into a seat arm, he’s bloodied and gets pulled off the plane while some white lady acts like she’s never seen a dude get his face lit up by a seat arm.
There are a couple angles to this one from the BDs. Most agree it was a ridiculous situation, but there are those who are hoping United throws out some discounts to bring back travelers. The BDs know there’s the possibility of a good travel deal and want to cash in, if possible.
Buckle up.

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