Ric Flair Was Being The Man Before Reportedly Getting Kicked Out Of A Fort Wayne Bar


Word on the streets of Fort Wayne is that Ric Flair, apparently in town to sign some autographs at some wrestling expo, was kicked out of a popular bar for insulting a bartender.
From Pro Wrestling Sheet:

One source tells us he was kicked out for calling the bartender a “fat ass” … and when we checked with the establishment, an employee told us they could only verify that he had been insulting the bartender. Patrons noted on Twitter that this all happened in a matter of 5 minutes.

He must’ve been real busy during that five minutes because Ric took some photos, compared watches, worked on his phone at the bar and posed with at least one fan on the deck. Maybe the Nature Boy was getting tipsy inside and then made his way outside where things went down. Sounds to me like there’s more to the story here. Of course the five minutes thing was what carried the story for websites who didn’t bother to look for photos from the bar.
No problem boys, I’ll dig up pics for you to eventually embed.


Ric sporting the “Jet Flying” shirt…LOVE IT




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