Elizabeth Hurley’s Still Got It, Otis Nixon Is Missing and The Patriots Have A Major Issue


Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley, anyone? That’s at 8:05 on ESPN. Get ready to be inundated with Cubs coverage. ESPN will annoy you with this one by lunch. There’s also some basketball to watch. Whatever. Playoffs start soon anyway.

Elizabeth Hurley, 51, still has the fastball

Torrie Wilson at the beach…clearly rubbing it in ARod’s face

Amy Schumer threw a bikini shot on IG stories for you guys

Otis Nixon is missing

Patriots have a Super Bowl banner issue…this sucks

WATCH: This Indy weather lady might be mad

Florida Man gambling story of the year…sounds like they’re no longer friends

Meet Natalie from Colorado

Granny Shot Free Throw of the Weekend

Smoked Chicken Wings of the Day

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