Grayson Allen Stepped Out In A “Don’t Trip” Hat

I respect the troll here out of Grayson Allen. At least he’s somewhat self-aware on why the majority of the country can’t stand him.

It looks like there was a little day party yesterday at Duke and Grayson decided to own his shortcomings by rocking a hat that says “Don’t Trip” on the side. Just a little reminder to himself that he is not, in fact, on a basketball court and no tripping will be needed today.

No, but seriously, being able to laugh at yourself is what wins people over. So Grayson doing this is a first step in people maybe not hating him so much.

Grayson Allen apparently went out in a hat that said "Don't Trip"
(via /r/collegebasketball)

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) April 9, 2017

A quick refresher on Grayson’s tripping history