Denver Goalie Dropped A Hard F-Bomb After Winning The National Championship

In case you didn’t know, the Cawlidge Hawkey (shout out Buccigross) National Championship took place last night between Denver and Minnesota-Duluth. Normally we could pretty much care less about this game, but when a hockey guy does a hockey guy thing, we’re going to post about it.

So Denver gets the W and the natty title, and after the game ESPN decides to interview their goalie who looks like the ultimate hockey guy. He’s got the playoff beard, he’s got the flow and he does exactly what you’d expect him to do on live TV after winning a championship.

The reporter took it in stride and moved right along. A perfectly executed f-bomb if you ask me. They should always be allowed after championships.

His bio picture is fantastic

That’s the kind of stache you want leading your team.