Three NCAA Championships, 1 Weekend With Pizza Hut All American Guy (And The Pie Tops)

When I tell people what my job is, they usually don’t believe me at first. “I get paid to go to sports championships, eat Pizza Hut pizza and post on social media about the experience.” Yes, that really is my job.  Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza of the NCAA, and they named me, Jason Zone Fisher, the first-ever “Pizza Hut All-American.”  
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As the All-American, what exactly is my job and what do I get to do? Let’s see. So far, I’ve gotten to go to every single NCAA D1 national championship to-date, from men’s and women’s cross country, to women’s volleyball to men’s water polo to the incredible football championship when Clemson knocked off Alabama on the last play of the game. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time at the Pizza Hut headquarters learning how to make pizza.
I had no idea that Pizza Hut serves more than 800,000 pizzas nationwide wide every WEEK. I also learned that Americans eat roughly 350 slices of pizza per SECOND and the undeniable favorite is, and always has been, pepperoni (and I’m not touching the pineapple on pizza debate).
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Right now, I’m really beginning the busiest time as the Pizza Hut All-American. This past weekend alone I experienced 4 sports and 6 championships in 2 cities in 3 days. Phew! It’s a good thing, for many reasons, that I had the all-new Pizza Hut Pie Tops sneakers with me. They kept me comfortable and fed.
For real. Everywhere I went, I think my shoes might have been the biggest star. I was wearing the Pizza Hut Pie Tops at all of those events, as well as at the first round NCAA Tournament games in Indianapolis. I’m lucky to have one of only 64 pair of these sneakers that order pizza simply by pressing a button on the tongue of the shoe, and wherever I go with them – especially basketball games – people freak out!
People have been reaching out to me on Twitter asking how much I would sell them for. I will be keeping mine, but if you follow me on Twitter (@PHAllAmericanor Instagram, you might be able to get your feet in a pair real soon!
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Beyond the Pie Tops, here’s a quick look at what it’s like to be an All-American…well, a Pizza Hut All-American.

Friday 1pm – NCAA Women’s Diving Championship

I started my weekend adventure at the Natatorium (a fancy way to say aquatic center) on the campus of IUPUI in Indianapolis for the NCAA Women’s Diving Championship. Over 50 divers from around the country compete by twirling, flipping and soaring through the air into a pool while making as little splash as possible. I know very little about how the scoring works, as all the dives looked incredible to me and made great Boomerangs on Instagram!

Friday 2pm

While at the diving championship, I got a private “back of house” tour, as I do at all of the championships. This is my opportunity to take photos and videos with the national championship trophy and see the behind-the-scenes things that most people never do – from locker rooms to training areas and more. I even sported my custom Pizza Hut Speedo and got to do some practice dives and laps in the official pool.
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Friday 6pm

Now this was cool. The women’s swimming championship was set to begin. The stands were packed and fans from all over the country were excited to rep their school. The most, and loudest, fans were from Indiana University and Stanford – both of whom have great swim programs.
What’s cool about the swimming championship is that many Olympic athletes compete.  Katie Ledecky, who dominated the Olympics, swam and actually tied for first place with a swimmer from Louisville in the 200 Medley. The energy in the crowd as the swimmers come down the home stretch rivals any sports experience I’ve had on my trip.
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Friday 7:30pm – NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

After the swimming, I rushed to the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse to take in two opening round basketball games in the tourney.  Both games were exciting, but my personal highlight might’ve been meeting Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd and telling her about my PHAllAmerican journey.
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Saturday 5am – NCAA Wrestling Championship

I woke up super early to drive from Indianapolis to St. Louis for the NCAA Wrestling Championship. I drove straight to the arena, where I got a behind-the-scenes tour and learned firsthand what it feels like to compete on the mat. After my tour, I stuck around to watch the medal rounds.  3 mats are going at once in each weight-class to determine 3rd through 8th place.  There’s so much action all at the same time, it’s crazy! Imagine March Madness all happening at the same time…in the same arena.
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Saturday 6pm

After touring St. Louis, I headed back to the arena for the championship matches. I had never been to a wrestling match before this, and it clearly felt like the main event that it was.  Sold out arena of over 19 thousand people. One mat at the very center on a raised stage. Penn State dominated, winning the team title and going 5-0 in their individual national championship matches. They’ve won 6 out of the last 7 national titles.
One cool run-in I had was with actor Billy Baldwin, who’s a huge wrestling fan and actually does commentary on ESPN. He properly introduced me to the sport by teaching me some moves and tossing me around. As unexpected as this encounter sounds, it’s a pretty good snapshot into what my day-to-day life has become.
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Sunday 12pm – NCAA Women’s Hockey Championship

After a few hours of sleep (finally!), I made the short drive to St. Charles for the NCAA Women’s Hockey Championship game between Wisconsin and Clarkson.  I got to the arena and was shocked at the amazing access I got, even right before the game was about to start. I got to ride the Zamboni, take shots on the ice, hang on the team benches and I even snagged a game puck.
[protected-iframe id=”4716774e540e16032c1b5cbc86028730-22577676-23105199″ info=”” width=”500″ height=”580″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Clarkson College topped Wisconsin 3-0 to win its second Women’s Frozen Four title.
The best part of my role as the Pizza Hut All-American (besides the endless amounts of free pizza, of course) is that I get to do this all over again each weekend.  Next up, men’s swimming & diving, fencing and, of course, the Final Four in Phoenix Like I said, you can follow my entire journey on Instagram and Twitter – @PHAllAmerican. I’m constantly giving away FREE PIZZA, so I’m a pretty good follow.
I can’t wait to experience 15+ more championships. Really looking forward to them all. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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