Deshaun Watson Gets Kicked Out Of A Bama Bar Because He's Deshaun Watson

There was some big news to come out of Tuscaloosa last night and I gotta say, it’s a bad look for the Roll Tide faithful. Deshaun Watson walks into a bar about 3 months after kicking Bama’s ass in the National Championship and is immediately asked to leave. Butt hurt!
The best part, the guy who asked him to leave was Ryan Anderson, an Alabama linebacker. Double butt hurt!

Alabama fans told Watson to leave Innisfree Irish Pub, one of Tuscaloosa’s most popular bars, according to Twitter user @doctor_59 who uploaded a video of the proceedings. He claimed on Twitter that former Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson approached Watson and told him to go. Anderson is seen in the background of the video behind Watson.

I’ll say it again… this is a baaaad look for Alabama. All these years of puffing out your chest from winning multiple Natty Titles and the one guy you couldn’t stop 2 years in a row strolls in and you can’t even be in the same building as him.
So sad.

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