Meet Tay Clark – Australian Triple Jumper…And Soon To Be Internet Star

We pride ourselves around here at BC on finding the next big stars who’ll carry the pageview business through the next 3-4 years. Enter Australian high jumper Tay Clark. She’s 19. She’s building her brand. She’s an Olympic hopeful for the 2020 Tokyo Games. She posts pool photos. She’s going to mess around and start dating some NBA player. It’s all coming together for Tay Clark to become a breakout star in 2017.
From Tay’s bio page:

She is affectionately known as Tay, her main events include Triple Jump, Long Jump and High Jump. Tay was first taken serious as a athlete, in particular as a triple jumper, when at the age of 16 won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics. Being the youngest in the field was not a problem for Tay.

Did I mention she’s already pushing a chocolate face scrub?
Seriously, watch one of those One Direction d-bags start dating Tay. That’s how all this works. One minute you have like 62k IG fans, the next minute you’re on BC and then some guy from One Direction is slipping into your IG DMs.

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