Rougned Odor’s $49.5 Million Deal Includes Two Horses

Fresh off a 33-home run season, the Texas Rangers rewarded second baseman and part-time boxer Rougned Odor this week with a six-year, $49.5 million extension. Apparently being a below average second baseman with poor on-base skills pays very well these days.

But you’re not here for critiques of Rougned’s game; you’re here because of a headline that promised you two horses. Here they are via the Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant:

As part of Odor's deal, the 2B, who raises horses in spare time, will get two elite horses. Nice touch horse 🐴

— Evan Grant (@Evan_P_Grant) March 30, 2017

These are in fact the horses that sealed the Odor deal. This is not a joke

— Evan Grant (@Evan_P_Grant) March 30, 2017

What makes them elite? No idea, I’m a cat guy.

Looks like Rougned already has quite the collection: