Minor League Baseball Team Is Having An ‘#AlternativeFacts’ Night Later This Season

If you thought the Alternative Facts jokes were going to go anyway anytime soon, well you’ll have to wait until at least late August. Donald Trump will be 7 months deep into his presidency, we’ll probably have dozens more issues or scandals from the White House to worry about, and the Erie SeaWolves will be out there cracking #AlternativeFacts jokes.

Too fantastic for words. pic.twitter.com/s39XQaJAFu

— Jeff Pearlman (@jeffpearlman) March 30, 2017

I don’t hate it, though, because it’s actually a decent promotion idea. People will show up and people will rock those fake championship rings.

@MiLB @erie_seawolves Alternative Facts Night will draw the biggest crowd in the history of crowds, believe me.

— Craig Wieczorkiewicz (@MWLtraveler) March 30, 2017

How many diamonds in the ring?

As soon as we decide how many diamonds we want. https://t.co/DUeCEqO8Vp

— Erie SeaWolves (@erie_seawolves) March 30, 2017

Previously in sports teams doing #AlternativeFacts jokes

Too soon. pic.twitter.com/mfzJCHyIwp

— Sean Grande (@SeanGrandePBP) March 11, 2017