Watch the Mavericks Rack Up 4 Technical Fouls

As an avid consumer of Clippers and Kings basketball (don’t ask), it’s safe to say I’ve seen a fair number of technical fouls. Blake, DJ, DeMarcus Cousins, CP3, Doc Rivers, Matt Barnes — those guys are good for a thousand, at least.
But I saw something new in the whining department tonight when the Mavs apparently experienced their first bad call ever and racked up four techs. As you can see below, Devin Harris, who hasn’t been relevant since 2010, took exception to getting elbowed in the face and promptly lost his shit.
[protected-iframe id=”b7328496159d8b1623bef7c6163ec522-22577676-53282995″ info=”//” style=”position:relative;”]
He’s right to be pissed but I’m just so damn tired of watching these dudes complain. When has talking to a ref ever lead to a call reversal?

How the Ts were assessed:

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