James Johnson Killed Marcus Morris Last Night

Before I talk about James Johnson sending Marcus Morris to the afterlife, I would like to point out that your boy was on the JJ wagon long before it was cool. It was three years ago that I was complaining about Doc Rivers not signing JJ to be the wing the Clippers desperately needed. Now look at him, he’s in better shape, away from Dwane Casey, and thriving on a playoff-bound Heat team.
Just ask Morris all about it. Dude straight up took a knee to the stomach while getting put on the nastiest poster of the season:
[protected-iframe id=”0626310947f591aedc31a71dabf2ff6e-22577676-53282995″ info=”//streamable.com/e/u635y/znzkcz” style=”position:relative;”]

This is what happens when you get in James Johnson’s way:

It's a Bloody Night in the NBA
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