These Chicks Were So Thirsty for Roman Reigns

Other than John Cena, there’s no wrestler WWE fans love to hate on more than Roman Reigns. No moves, a little dull on the mic, title pushes — it’s the trifecta diehards just loathe. And judging from last night’s “Raw,” we can add another reason for WWE nerds to boo Roman… the female demo absolutely adores him.

Seriously. These three chicks forked up money for ringside tickets last night to enthusiastically cheer on their man. One in particular really wanted him to notice her:

Take your pick Roman #RAW

— Whats Wrong With Wrestling Podcast (@WrongWrestling) March 28, 2017

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The thirst is so real:

Reason #312 to hate Roman Reigns: this is how women react to him, he's handsome as fuck and he knows it. You're damn right it's jealousy!

— TheImplications (@TheDamnImplicat) March 28, 2017

True. Here's two Seth Rollins fans celebrating a Roman Reigns spear.

— Oliver (@MrOlliB) March 28, 2017