We've Got Ourselves An Old Fashioned Softball Coach Vs. Softball Player Brouhaha

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Annnnnndddddd…college softball is about to be the talk of the ESPN & FS1 daily talk shows for the next 24 hours or so after Florida coach Tim Walton pushed Haley Fagan after Fagan refused to shake hands with the Florida coaches after Auburn’s 1-0 win Monday night in Gainesville.
Ahh, so there has to be a story here, right? There is. From Alligator Army:

That alone would be a rather juicy story, if one seemingly without any context. But as longtime readers of Alligator Army know, there is context: Walton, Florida’s longtime softball coach, dismissed Fagan’s elder sisters Kasey and Sami from the Gators program in 2012 in the midst of what would be a shocking early exit from the 2012 NCAA Tournament for the No. 5 national seed.

The Fagans’ father blamed “an altercation on the team” for his daughters’ dismissal, with Sami Fagan taking to Facebook at the time to deny that they were released “because of racism or bullying,” attempting to bat down rumors that flew indicating they were involved in an altercation with then-Florida senior Michelle Moultrie, who is black. (Moultrie, for her part, said “Please don’t spread crazy rumors. They’re not true.”)

And here we are five years later with Tim getting the first shove in. Haley’s tweets are locked down so we can’t see the reaction after last night’s near rumble. Something tells me Florida Man Tim will be facing a suspension for this. Can’t be shoulder shoving the kids, Tim.

It Just Means More:

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