Drink Beer At The ACC Baseball Tournament…Behind A Curtain

You know the drill with the NCAA, conferences and beer at sporting events: It’s a total disaster. The NCAA and schools, in 2015, are still holding on to that old tradition of keeping certain events pure and alcohol-free. If you want ridiculous, you’ll love what’s going on at the ACC baseball tournament this week in Durham at the Bulls Athletic Park.
There’s an area where you can drink beer….and it looks like this:

Not a bad view, right? The ACC was nice enough to give you a black curtain to create ambiance and make the view that much nicer.
Just kidding, the black curtain prevents you from drinking the beer and watching the ACC games. No joke.

As you know, football programs are now selling beer at games without forcing fans to sit behind a curtain. We drank at the Ohio State-Oregon game. You can drink at the Carrier Dome. You can drink at the Final Four. It seems, for some reason, the ACC wanted to deprive fans the opportunity to have a cold beer and watch conference tournament action.
I’m sure there’s a good reason for the curtain.

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