Here's The Final Roundup Of #BBN Signs Before Kentucky Plays UCLA

I just want to give Kentucky fans and all of the #BBN a standing ovation for their performance this week. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a stronger week of frat house banners since they became popular on the internet. That includes Saturdays in the fall where they really ramp up. I’ve been doing my research all day and I keep seeing new ones. It’s unbelievably impressive and if any fan base deserves a Sweet Sixteen win tonight it’s them.
So here’s the final roundup of banners we’ve seen the last few days before Kentucky plays UCLA. If we see any more new ones before tip-off they will be added here, and if you see any that aren’t posted here you can send them to @bustedcoverage or @bustedcollege on Twitter. Some of the new banners are in the gallery above and others are right here below.

From earlier this week:

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